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Why Econet Wireless Zimbabwe?

"With over 10 million subscribers Econet Wireless is Zimbabwe's leading mobile operator representing over 52% of the active mobile market. Primarily through Econet's continued investment in capacity, Zimbabwe's penetration rate has increased from 74% in 2012 to the current 97%."

Although Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Holdings Ltd, (EWZ) is a public listed company, on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange, it is a subsidiary of a privately held international group called Econet Wireless Global, which is registered in Mauritius. Econet Wireless Global has operations, and business interests, in more than 17 countries around the world, including Zimbabwe. More information about EWG may be obtained on its website (, or its South African head office.

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Holdings Ltd, operates only in Zimbabwe, and has no businesses, operations or investments, outside Zimbabwe. Investment in the shares of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe, are with respect only to the businesses, and activities of Econet Wireless Zimbabwe Holdings Ltd.